Upper Extremity Prosthetics

New Horizons practitioners are well-versed in upper extremity prosthetics, with experience in all levels of amputation. The New Horizons team will work with you to create a device that is best suited to your needs and will allow you to return to an active lifestyle.

There are two basic styles of upper extremity prosthetics. Myoelectric and body-powered prosthesis

What is a Myoelectric prosthesis? ... A myoelectric-controlled prosthesis is an externally powered artificial limb that you control with the electrical signals generated naturally by your own muscles. Hand, wrist, and elbow myoelectric components are available.

A body-powered prosthesis relies on a system of cables or harnesses (along with manual controls, in many cases) to control the limb itself. Essentially, you operate and control the prosthetic arm using other parts of your body, such as your shoulders, elbows, or chest.

After this decision is made on the style of prosthesis the procedure is:
  • Initial Evaluation and casting -The New Horizons team will have an extensive evaluation determining the patient's lifestyle, and individual needs are very important as the team will be determining the best style of the prosthesis to provide to the amputee. An impression of the limb will be taken to create a model in which a diagnostic socket can be made.
  • Diagnostic fitting and assessment - This step determines the fit and function of the prosthesis. If a myoelectric prosthesis is indicated, the functionality of the prosthesis will be determined.
  • Delivery - we will deliver a fully functional and cosmetically pleasing prosthesis that exceeds the expectations of the amputee insuring both the fit and function at its highest level.
  • Follow up - This is possibly the most important step of the fitting /delivery process. Regular follow-ups ensure continued function and addresses any fitting issues that arise during the lifespan of the prosthesis.

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