I have been involved in the Orthotics and Prosthetic field for the past 34 years, first as a patient than as a technician and now a practitioner.

In November of 1986, I was involved in a hunting accident that resulted in the amputation of my left leg, below the knee. Early in 1987, I was fit with my first prosthesis and since then I have had a passion for orthotics and prosthetics. “There is just something about taking a person that is down and giving them hope and helping hand up.” That experience was provided to me at a young age and I have made it my life’s work of returning that favor.

In 2001, I received my certification and began work at Nebraska Orthotic and Prosthetic Services (NOPS). From 2001-2010, I practiced at NOPS in Grand Island. In 2010, I transferred to the Kearney Office and over the next several years I grew the Kearney office, which brought me to open up New Horizons O & P in February of 2020.

Over the past 34 years of being an amputee and 23 years of being a practitioner, I have seen and experienced many advancements in the O & P field. The field has changed tremendously but the passion and drive to help others remain the same. The ability to help people that are in a similar situation that I was in, is a great driving force in my life and I convey that to my patients.

The mission statement “Creating New Horizons through Innovation and Compassion” is not just a statement, they are words that we here at New Horizons O & P live by everyday… Creating new beginnings and giving a hand up is what we are about…Creating “New Horizons” together.


Bill’s time in the Orthotics and prosthetics field started 49 years ago in his parents Orthotics and Prosthetics business in Boulder, Colorado in the early 1970’s.

Each day after school, his brother and he would work at the family business making parts for their dad, it’s where we started our technician skills. These skills started in grade school and continued throughout high school.

In 1983, Bill became his father’s technician and began his full-time career in the Orthotics and Prosthetics field. During this time, he worked with the patients making the orthotics and prosthetics and decided he wanted to do more than technician work, it was time to get his certification as an Orthotist Prosthetist.

He worked for 22 years in Boulder, CO and 16 years ago moved to Grand Island NE to work with his brother in his company, Nebraska Orthotics and Prosthetics (NOPS).
Bill is now excited to be working for New Horizons Orthotics and Prosthetics and continues helping the people of mid-Nebraska and surrounding areas.

Brandon Birulkin, BOCPO – Certified Prosthetist and Orthotist

After falling down a mountain in 2006 while hiking; Brandon was left with a compound fracture of his tibia and shattered his ankle. After 13 surgeries, bone infection set in and his leg was amputated below the knee in 2007.

Brandon struggled with wound care and went through amputation revision surgery in 2008. After his two years of surgery, and successful fitting of this prosthesis, he was offered a residency from his prosthetist, which he accepted and passed his boards exams in 2012.

He now enjoys providing prosthetic and orthotic devices and getting people back on their feet. He especially enjoys peer to peer with new amputees showing that life continues after amputation.

Brandon is a husband and father of five and enjoys weightlifting, fishing, hunting and art.

Jake Kirkpatrick, CPO

Jake was raised on a ranch near Anselmo Nebraska. He received his bachelor’s degree from UNK in Exercise Science and Biology. Jake then received his Master’s degree in prosthetics and orthotics from Northwestern University, then completed his residency in Missoula Montana.

One of the many reasons he was attracted to the field of prosthetics and orthotics is that there is no cookie cutter solution for every person. The field of prosthetics and orthotics offers him the chance to help empower individuals to live a fulling and happy lifestyle.

Jake resides in Kearney NE with his wife, Sadie and their two dogs, Jose and Rea and also a cat, Kevin.