Lower Extremity Prosthetics

The New Horizons team has 35 years of personal and 25 years of professional experience in Lower Extremity Prosthetics and will work with the amputee to create a prosthesis that meets or exceeds the high expectations of the individual user.

A below knee amputee will utilize the latest socket designs and prosthetic feet available, including carbon fiber and hydraulic technology as well as on-the-go adjustable prosthetic sockets to maintain the fit of your prosthesis at the touch of a button. This technology allows us to maintain and create the most intimate fitting sockets that work with your skeletal system to create an extension of the human body. The New Horizons team has extensive experience in this area and will work to create the most efficient prosthesis possible.

Above the knee prosthetics utilizing the most intimate fitting prosthetic designs to create an above the knee prosthesis that meets and exceeds the amputee's expectations. Utilizing adjustable socket technology, we can maintain the socket fit throughout the course of the user's day at the touch of a button.

Utilizing the most up-to-date componentry such as Microprocessor technology to reduce falling hazard and increasing activity levels and boosting the confidence level of the amputee allowing them to push themselves to new heights.

After this decision is made on the style of prosthesis the procedure is:
  • Initial Evaluation and casting -The New Horizons team will have an extensive evaluation determining the patient's lifestyle and individual needs. This is especially important, as the team will be determining the best style of the prosthesis to provide to the amputee. An impression of the limb will be taken to create a model in which a diagnostic socket will be fabricated.
  • Diagnostic fitting and assessment - This step ensures the fitting and functionality of the prosthesis in a diagnostic form. Components such as feet and knees are added to create a fully functional prosthesis to determine the functionality in a laboratory setting (in case of an above the knee prosthesis there are typically 2 diagnostic fittings).
  • Delivery - we will deliver a fully functional and cosmetically pleasing prosthesis that exceeds the expectations of the amputee insuring both the fit and function is at the highest level.
  • Follow up - This is possibly the most important step of the fitting /delivery process following at regular intervals, ensures continued function and address any fitting issues that arise during the lifespan of the prosthesis.

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